Global energy demand: more green power, more co2

Global energy consumption rose sharply in 2018, as did greenhouse gas emissions. This is undoing progress on renewables.

The world’s hunger for energy is constantly increasing – as are CO2 emissions Photo: dpa

Worldwide, the expansion of renewable energies is progressing rapidly – but it is not enough to satisfy the world’s hunger for energy. In 2018, global energy demand rose by 2.3 percent, faster than ever before this decade. And because it was met primarily by gas and coal, CO2 emissions from the energy sector also climbed 1.7 percent to a record high of 33 billion metric tons. That’s according to the latest "Global Energy and CO2 Status Report" published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Tuesday.


“Happy birthday” song becomes free: a classic for free

For years, there was a dispute about the "Happy Birthday" license. Now the song is in the public domain. But there are now several alternatives.

And balloons to go with it Photo: claudiarndt/photocase

It is the birthday song par excellence: "Happy Birthday". Simple lyrics, catchy melody, anyone can sing along. Those who want to publish the song afterwards, however, could get the "Happy" stuck in their throats – because the publication costs. And not just a little, but according to media reports, up to 10,000 US dollars. The money then ends up in the account of the music publisher Warner/Chappell. For decades, the publisher has taken in around 50 million US dollars in royalties – without being entitled to do so, as a court confirmed in February.


Ruling of the federal administrative court: expulsion of the federal police

On station forecourts, the federal police are only allowed to check IDs in narrowly defined areas. A man from Trier has now successfully appealed through the courts.

Federal police officers are only allowed to check IDs in train stations. Not in front of them. Picture: dpa

The jurisdiction of the federal police within railroad facilities does not generally apply to station forecourts. This has now been decided by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. The federal police can carry out identity checks on a station staircase, but not next to it.


Vw, daimler and bmw: emissions tests also with humans

It sounds unbelievable: Not only monkeys are said to have been exposed to pollutant tests. For VW and other manufacturers it could become uncomfortable.

VW probably missed a few stop signals with a study using nitrogen dioxides on healthy humans Photo: dpa

In the emissions scandal, diesel pollutant tests are said to have taken place not only with monkeys, but also with humans. This emerges from a report by the EUGT association, reported by Stuttgarter Zeitung (Monday) and Suddeutsche Zeitung. Around two and a half years after the start of the emissions scandal, new details are thus coming to light.


Election crisis in congo: trump sends u.s. Combat troops

A U.S. troop deployment to Gabon is intended to enable rapid intervention in Congo. The US fears an escalation of violence.

Trump T-shirts are already available in Kinshasa’s markets Photo: ap

It’s Donald Trump’s first new U.S. military deployment abroad: about 80 U.S. troops will be stationed in Gabon’s capital, Libreville, to "be able to support the security of U.S. citizens, personnel and diplomatic facilities in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo," Trump announced in writing Friday. At issue, he said, is the risk of violent demonstrations in response to Congo’s elections.


Before session of iraqi parliament: new protests in baghdad

Forty people were killed in protests in Iraq on Friday. Nevertheless, demonstrations against corruption continue on Saturday.

Some bridges to the Green Zone have been sealed off – but demonstrators are finding a way Photo: Hadi Mizban/ap

Protests in Iraq continued Saturday – despite more than 40 deaths the previous day. Shortly before a special session of parliament, hundreds of people took to the streets in the capital Baghdad to demand reforms, a new government and an end to corruption. Activists also called for further protests in the Shiite-dominated south of the country, where 42 people were killed on Friday, despite curfews.


Expropriation of deutsche wohnen: coalition talks about expropriation

A meeting between the heads of the parliamentary groups and the initiative is surprisingly constructive. Will R2G adopt the initiative’s concerns before a referendum?

The spirits of the coalition Photo: dpa

Do the government factions of the SPD, Left and Greens take over the goal of the referendum Deutsche Wohnen and Co. expropriate and thus make a referendum superfluous? Which was hardly conceivable so far, seems possible since a discussion of the parliamentary group leaders with the Aktivist*innen on Monday evening.


House of commons election in great britain: election campaign under the sign of terror

After three attacks, the fight against terror has become a central election issue. Theresa May is facing fierce criticism.

Half full? Half empty? British security policy is under scrutiny Photo: reuters

The second bloody terrorist attack in the current election campaign in Great Britain has only briefly interrupted the competition between the parties. After the attack in Manchester, there is nothing left of the restraint after the attack in London. The fight against terror dominates politics.


Impoverished high nobility: expensive gift

Guelph Prince Ernst-August wants Marienburg Castle back from his son. He wanted to give it away – to save costs.

A winter fairy tale – but on closer inspection it becomes ruinous Photo: EAC GmbH

The wooden showcases in the Chinese room are empty. Still. In September, burglars broke into Marienburg Castle near Hanover and stole the Guelphs’ historical weapons collection. Sabers, muzzle-loaders and pistols – all gone.


Different prices by gender: 12.50 euros more for the average

A study shows how prices differ by gender. Women often have to pay more than men for the same service.

Men and women pay differently for the same service depending on their gender Photo: dpa

Normally, Lotta Barabasch, 22, always has to pay the price for a ladies’ cut at the hairdresser. And that’s despite the fact that she has her hair cut very short with a machine – for which, however, men pay less. Because she thought that was unfair, she borrowed clothes from her roommate, dressed like him and went to the hairdresser that way. "I just couldn’t take it anymore that I had to pay more just because I was a woman," she tells the taz. That day, she paid the man’s price.