Protocol work and corona: “on the infection front”.

Benjamin Walter’s hairdressing salon is hit hard by the new partial lockdown. He is particularly annoyed by the "back and forth" in German Corona politics.

Protest action in Spain: A hairdresser cuts a woman’s hair in front of the parliament in Madrid Photo: Manu Fernandez/ap/dpa

Benjamin Walter, 37, from Karlsruhe, has worked as a hairdresser for 20 years and independently in his one-man business for 7 years.


Column we’re saving the world: no idea? Never mind!

The new SPD Environment Minister Svenja Schulze is not an expert in eco-politics. Sounds scandalous? But it’s a good old tradition in the ministry.

Here you go, the new girl! Expert Hendricks and newcomer Schulze Photo: dpa

A good friend of ours was asked by her boss the other day if she didn’t want to become a department head. "I declined," she says, "because I had no idea about the field." That’s how it goes sometimes in real life.