Before session of iraqi parliament: new protests in baghdad

Forty people were killed in protests in Iraq on Friday. Nevertheless, demonstrations against corruption continue on Saturday.

Some bridges to the Green Zone have been sealed off – but demonstrators are finding a way Photo: Hadi Mizban/ap

Protests in Iraq continued Saturday – despite more than 40 deaths the previous day. Shortly before a special session of parliament, hundreds of people took to the streets in the capital Baghdad to demand reforms, a new government and an end to corruption. Activists also called for further protests in the Shiite-dominated south of the country, where 42 people were killed on Friday, despite curfews.


Expropriation of deutsche wohnen: coalition talks about expropriation

A meeting between the heads of the parliamentary groups and the initiative is surprisingly constructive. Will R2G adopt the initiative’s concerns before a referendum?

The spirits of the coalition Photo: dpa

Do the government factions of the SPD, Left and Greens take over the goal of the referendum Deutsche Wohnen and Co. expropriate and thus make a referendum superfluous? Which was hardly conceivable so far, seems possible since a discussion of the parliamentary group leaders with the Aktivist*innen on Monday evening.


House of commons election in great britain: election campaign under the sign of terror

After three attacks, the fight against terror has become a central election issue. Theresa May is facing fierce criticism.

Half full? Half empty? British security policy is under scrutiny Photo: reuters

The second bloody terrorist attack in the current election campaign in Great Britain has only briefly interrupted the competition between the parties. After the attack in Manchester, there is nothing left of the restraint after the attack in London. The fight against terror dominates politics.


Change of status: criminal becomes refugee

The Federal Office for Migration must recognize a Kurdistan Workers’ Party supporter persecuted in Turkey as a political refugee

Kurdish demonstrators march through downtown Hanover demanding freedom for Abdullah ocalan, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK Photo: Alexander Korner/dpa

This is a ruling of arguably fundamental importance: a Kurd who fled Turkey, supported the Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK and was persecuted in his homeland because of it, must be granted refugee status by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf). This was decided by the Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court in Luneburg on Monday.


Member of the afd federal executive committee: koniger leaves the afd

Brandenburg MP Steffen Koniger is leaving the AfD. He cites reasons of conscience, but had also recently failed on his party’s European list.

Steffen Koniger no longer wants to be an AfD member Photo: dpa

AfD executive committee member Steffen Koniger has declared his resignation from the party. "The commoners in the AfD have finally lost the battle against the destructives in the party in many state associations," the Brandenburg state parliament member said Thursday. In the future, he wants to belong to the state parliamentary group as a non-attached deputy.


Crisis in thuringia: ramelow moves toward cdu

The ex-prime minister of the Left Party is looking for a way out of the government crisis. A meeting with the CDU/CSU is to take place on Monday.

My right, right seat is empty: Bodo Ramelow wants to seek solutions with the CDU Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa

Former state premier Bodo Ramelow (Left Party) continues to approach the CDU in search of a way out of the Thuringian government crisis. Ramelow told the German Press Agency in Erfurt that he is willing to reach an agreement with the CDU on tasks such as the state budget for 2021 or an investment program for the municipalities.


Parliamentary election in greenland: social democrats win narrowly

Economic crisis instead of uranium wealth: Greenlanders are struggling for their future. Nevertheless, they voted only timidly for change in their parliamentary election.

Leader of the Social Democrats Kim Kielsen. Photo: dpa

After a narrow victory in Greenland’s parliamentary election, the ruling Social Democrats must start looking for coalition partners. The ruling Siumit party, which has dominated Greenlandic politics for decades, came in ahead of the left-leaning IA party with 34.3 percent of the vote at the end of the count on Saturday, with 33.2 percent. In Greenland’s parliament, the two parties will each get 11 of the 31 mandates. "The election result shows that society is divided," Leftist politician Aqqaluaq Egede told Greenlandic Radio.


Conservative ump in france: party leader sacrificed

Conservative party leader Jean-Francois Cope must resign over corruption. His resignation reveals the mendacity of established politicians.

Had to cry: Jean-Francois Cope. Picture: reuters

The entire party leadership of the conservative UMP (Union pour un Mouvement populaire) announced its resignation in Paris on Tuesday. Behind this collective decision is actually the forced departure of party leader Jean-Francois Cope. He had to resign and promise not to run again for the presidency at the extraordinary party congress on Oct. 15. In the meantime, a trio of three former prime ministers, Alain Juppe, Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Francois Fillon, will assume the provisional party presidency.