Memorial for victims of nazi henchmen: the waldkirch hitler

After 30 years of discussion, a memorial has been built in Waldkirch in southern Baden. The initiative came from the citizens.

The turnaround in public opinion in Waldkirch has succeeded, says one of the project participants Photo: dpa

After Gunzburg, the hometown of concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele, Waldkirch in southern Baden is the second town in Germany to commemorate the Nazi atrocities of one of its citizens with a memorial. Five basalt stelae will commemorate the 138,000 people who fell victim to SS-Standartenfuhrer Karl Jager beginning in 1941. The memorial will be unveiled next Sunday on the occasion of the Memorial Day of the Victims of National Socialism.


New spin on paragraph 219a: spd pushes its law away

In the dispute over Paragraph 219a, the SPD is now banking on a compromise with the CDU/CSU after all. The Greens and the Left are horrified.

Will they convince the CDU/CSU or give in? Eva Hogl and Andrea Nahles in the Bundestag Photo: dpa

Only a week and a half ago, the SPD had decided to introduce its bill to delete Section 219a of the German Penal Code, the ban on "advertising" abortions, after all. Now, at the start of the new grand coalition, it is already over again.


Kuhnert withdraws from spd candidacy: the drop-off was too great

What is plausible about Kevin Kuhnert’s withdrawal is that this job would probably have come too soon. Less obvious is what this has to do with Olaf Scholz.

Missed the curve to the left: Kevin Kuhnert Photo: reuters/Ralph Orlowski

Kevin Kuhnert does not want to become SPD leader – and has a good and a questionable reason for this. The obvious one is that this job would probably be too much too soon for the 30-year-old. The SPD is prone to intrigue, is already difficult to control in normal operations – and even more so in the panic mode in which it currently finds itself. Above all, however, the Juso leader would have raised rescue expectations that could only have been disappointed.


Coalition talks in kiel: full speed ahead for jamaica

For the CDU, the Greens and the FDP, things should now move quickly in Kiel on the way to a coalition. Meanwhile, Green Party leader Habeck counters party colleague Trittin.

Want no "Gockeleien", actually: the negotiators of the Greens Monika Heinold and Robert Habeck Photo: dpa

Now everything should go very quickly. This week, negotiations between the CDU, the Greens and the FDP on the formation of a Jamaica coalition begin in Kiel. Less than two weeks later, on June 13, the agreement should already be in place. In just four thematic rounds, the parties want to resolve their seemingly irreconcilable differences on a number of points. As a precaution, however, a reserve date has been set. If the CDU party congress and the Green and Yellow party bases subsequently agree, the new government will be elected in the state parliament on June 28.


Parliamentary election in cambodia: cpp declares itself winner

Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Cambodian People’s Party will get "more than 80 percent of the vote," a party spokesman says.

Declared winner of the election: Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen (right) Photo: ap

Cambodia’s longtime ruling party has declared itself the winner in parliamentary elections. The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) of government leader Hun Sen will get "more than 80 percent of the vote," party spokesman Sok Eysan told the AFP news agency Sunday. The election was held without any real opposition. Victory for Hun Sen’s party, which has been in office for 33 years, was considered a foregone conclusion.