Feature film about real child murderer: naturally biased

Pedophiles did not officially exist under socialism. "Mord in Eberswalde" misses the chance to make more of the subject than black-and-white painting.

Good and evil: the commissioner (Ronald Zehrfeld, r.) and the Stasi. Image: Wolfgang Ennenbach/WDR

Gray and ocher brown. Already in Christian Petzold’s great GDR film "Barbara" these color nuances determined the aesthetics – and the film "Mord in Eberswalde" adds to that on Wednesday evening. The not least aesthetic bourgeoisie of the GDR is widely exhibited – demonstrated. Just look at the wallpaper.


Snapchat takes off: expensive snapshots on the stock market

The picture-sending service Snapchat is raking in $3.4 billion on Wall Street. The app is popular because social scrutiny is low.

New stock market bet in New York Photo: ap

Although the U.S. company Snap makes more losses than sales, it made a phenomenal start on the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Thanks to the smartphone application Snapchat, the company collected about 3.4 billion dollars (3.2 billion euros) – with the sale of only 15 percent of the shares.


Podcast review “already heard?”: normalizing the disease

With the podcast "Kopfsalat" two radio presenters dedicate themselves to the taboo subject of depression. It seems very substantial, but overloaded.

The two "Kopfsalat" hosts are themselves directly affected by depression Photo: dpa

What is depression? Technically speaking, it is a multifactorial disease that can be caused by a metabolic disorder as well as certain life circumstances, and which manifests itself through a feeling of inner emptiness, emotional exhaustion, joylessness and loss of interest. So much for the complex medical definition. Most people understand something else by the word. Something that often misses the point.


Pros & cons on arms aid: german weapons for the kurds?

Should Germany support the fight against Islamists in Iraq with military exports? Daniel Cohn-Bendit is in favor, SPD Vice President Ralf Stegner against.

Here in Afghanistan. Soon in Iraq? A German G36-K rifle. Picture: dpa

Yes, of course you have to supply weapons to the Kurds.

Everything must be done to stop the Islamic State (IS) and its militias from advancing further. The competition between the do-gooders – Claudia Roth, Jurgen Trittin or Norbert Rottgen – as to who has the most peaceful solution for Iraq is embarrassing and shameful. If I were a Kurd, I would not want to depend on Germany for survival!


Left economists against senate: call against debt brake

The R2G state of Berlin has passed a tough debt brake. Now economists – and a prominent leftist – are protesting.

Fan of the debt brake: Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) Photo: dpa

Leading left-wing economists criticize the planned debt brake of the state of Berlin in an appeal. The Senate’s draft, if implemented, would "lead to insufficient investments and a loss of quality in public services in the long term," according to the paper, which was obtained by the taz. This is "grist to the mill of resentment-driven forces" and undermines the "strategic majority capability for progressive politics".


Kobe bryant’s last game: outstanding point guard

Kobe Bryant plays the last game of his unique career for the Los Angeles Lakers. With him goes a type of player that hardly exists anymore.

Sweating until the end: Kobe Bryant at the game last Monday Photo: dpa

"I’m looking forward to being there for his farewell. It will be an unforgettable moment," says Shaquille O’Neal. When Wednesday Kobe Bryant plays the last game of his great career for the Lakers at Los Angeles’ home Staples Center against the Utah Jazz, the whole evening will be dominated by the 37-year-old – as, in fact, it has been all season. The best player of his generation, the preeminent player of the era after uber-player Michael Jordan, is ending his career.


Leipzig book fair award winner: in the limbo of the magical

A nice signal: poet Jan Wagner wins the fiction prize in Leipzig. Philipp Ther wins in non-fiction and Mirjam Pressler in translation.

Appreciation for Jan Wagner, who seizes our language mindfully and with relish. Photo: dpa

Fiction: Jan Wagner for "Rain Barrel Variations

It was a surprise that the poet Jan Wagner was nominated. That he has now won with his book of poems "Regentonnenvariationen" is a nice signal.


Pegida demo with kalbitz on november 9: dresden is going wrong

Administrations have leeway in granting freedom of demonstration. Dresden deliberately did not use this leeway.

A march by the right-wing Pegida on November 9 is actually out of the question Photo: dpa

This November 9 was a setback for Dresden. In recent years, the city had, after all, increasingly qualified to defend itself against its occupation by apocalyptists and hate preachers. It is logically incomprehensible why the city administration foregoes its own celebration on this multiple German commemoration day for reasons of pandemic protection, but is at a loss for such a justification vis-à-vis Pegida in order to at least marginalize a registered demonstration.


Parisian photo exhibition on cars: womb of steel and glass

The charm of badly patched cars: the Fondation Cartier is showing a survey of the interplay between photography and the car.

William Eggleston, Los Alamos series, 1974 Photo: Fondation Cartier

In the middle of the last century, the rich and beautiful liked to drive around in a convertible when the sun was shining on the Côte d’Azur, in Nice, Saint-Tropez, or Antibes. And when they then backed out of the car, photographers had a wonderful opportunity to catch them very close and undisguised. Because then Alain Delon at the wheel of his Ferrari Spider and Jane Fonda as a passenger or in the same constellation Sacha Distel and Brigitte Bardot looked directly into the camera of Edward Quinn, who had set up behind the car.