After school rampage in the usa: trump proposes arming teachers

A week after Parkland, U.S. President Donald Trump advocates teachers carrying concealed weapons. The students from Parkland express other demands.

Item 5 on Trump’s note at meeting with students after school massacre: "I hear you" Photo: dpa

U.S. President Donald Trump says he is considering letting school employees carry guns concealed to deter spree killers. He was considering backing proposals for such arming, Trump said Wednesday at the White House in a meeting with students and parents affected by school massacres. The young people voiced different demands than the U.S. president.


Column the couch reporters: atmosphere and sex instead of action

"The Deuce" tells of the rise of the porn industry in 1970s New York. The plot is not the main focus.

James Franco in a double role: here as a nice bartender Photo: HBO

What times those were, when the cities were still so beautifully mangy and filthy, and even the sex was still really dirty. Many books and films have appeared in recent years celebrating the (West) Berlin of the 1970s and 80s. In Oskar Roehler’s "Mein Leben als Affenarsch"/"Death to the Hippies! Long live the punk!" the hero earns his money by wiping the floods of sperm off the windows in a peep show at the zoo.


Commentary on the adviser affair: von der leyen has too much money

Instead of an expansion, there should be a discussion about limiting the size of the Bundeswehr. Germany does not need rearmament.

Instead of calling for an increase in the defense budget, the minister should be less wasteful Photo: reuters

It’s a perfect match: On the same day that the investigative committee on the adviser affair begins its first hearings of witnesses, the Bundestag wants to approve the extension of four foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr, including the completely disastrous one in Afghanistan. There is no better way to illustrate that the German defense budget is far too high.


Commentary nelson mandela: the great legacy

In Soweto, not only the pioneer against apartheid has been buried. With Mandela, Africa got its own political culture that can stand up to any comparison.

South Africa says goodbye to "Madiba". Picture: dpa

Mandela is alive. No statesman in recent history has brought together so many and such diverse colleagues from all over the world after his death. Rarely has a funeral service seen such lively and explosive speeches and reactions.


Tv crime thriller “murderous silence”: chips away at planing world politics

The material could have been made into an exciting genre piece. With a Jan Josef Liefers, who as a taciturn and melancholy inspector is in every respect the opposite of the ego/eccentric Professor Boerne he embodies from the Munster "Tatort". With an expressive Sylvie Testud, of whom we know since "Jenseits der Stille" that she needs no text at all for her expression. So now she again plays a deaf woman, Kuhnert’s (Peter Lohmeyer) wife, to whom the taciturn inspector feels very attracted and she to him, it remains purely platonic. What nice ideas for a small, concentrated 90-minute thriller. If that were enough for you.

But author and director Friedemann Fromm is not someone for whom that would have been enough. He received a lot of praise for his television series "Weissensee" about an East Berlin family close to the state in the eighties. Exactly one year ago, he wanted to go one better and create an internationally accessible political panorama of a united Berlin with the very ambitious multi-part series "Die Stadt und die Macht" (The City and the Power). For this, there was more censure than praise.

Press booklet prose

And so now: "It is about a hitherto little-known topic in the foothills of the Kosovo war … Fromm researched for several years for this film."


Press beat column: invincible war invalids.

In the Invictus Games, disabled soldiers compete in sports. It’s nothing more than war continuation by other means.

There is a lot of buzz about the Invictus Games, including Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Photo: dpa

What the Invictus Games stand for? Let’s hear the Armed Forces themselves say it: "Will, courage, faith, strength." "Invictus," after all, is the Latin word for "undefeated." And for whom is the spectacle taking place in Sydney right now? "For our wounded warriors." That sounds a hell of a lot like Ernst Junger 2.0.