Study on child satisfaction: more shouting

According to Unicef, Germany’s children are more dissatisfied than in neighboring countries. The happiness of the little ones is too rarely the focus, says our author.

Adults don’t yell enough for children Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

An unhappy child is like a summer thunderstorm – or should be: one that comes out of nowhere and hits hard. After the storm, the coast is clear, the tears evaporate, and there’s a big ice cream.


Before the buchner prize is awarded: an opening is needed

On July 7, the winner of Germany’s most prestigious literary prize will be announced. Or will it be a female laureate again?

German-Hungarian writer Terezia Mora received the Georg Buchner Prize in 2018 Photo: dpa

When a few months ago, keyword "women count", the share of female authors in publishing programs and in literary prizes was a bigger topic, in the time before Corona messed everything up, the Buchner Prize also came into focus. No wonder. 58 men have received the prize so far, and just 10 women.


Local elections in herzegovina: the woman who made it possible

Irma Baralija went to the Human Rights Court because she wanted local elections in Mostar, capital of Herzegovina. Her success surprised everyone.

Thanks to Irma Baralija, local elections are taking place again in the Herzegovinian city of Mostar Photo: Dado Ruvic/reuters

Irma Baralija is the real heroine of the Dec. 20 elections in the Herzegovinian capital Mostar. Because no local elections had been held there since 2008 due to a lack of legal basis, she had gone to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg in 2018. It was a big surprise for the city’s elites when Baralija was proven right as an ordinary citizen in October 2019 and elections had to be scheduled.