Dispute about the rigaer94 house project in berlin: a street has its say

The dispute over the left-wing house project Rigaer94 is occupying the entire city. But what do the residents have to say? A walk.

"A kilometer of anarchy" was the headline of a tabloid newspaper about Rigaer Strabe Photo: dpa

Down the stairs at the Frankfurter Allee S-Bahn station and then keep to the right, to where pizza stores are lined up with tailor stores and kebab bars: This is where it begins, currently the most discussed street in the city. "A kilometer of anarchy" was the headline of the B.Z. in January of this year – today the debate is even more heated.


Fun guerrilla teases ex-federal president: kohler and his cuckoo clocks

The ex-Federal President was invited to Warsaw by the "Executive Club". Kohler’s biography on the club’s homepage reads strangely.

A picture from Mr. Kohler’s hobby cellar? Hardly. Picture: imago/sepp spiegl

They actually advertise it: Horst Kohler, off-duty German president, "was a central figure in Argentina’s 2001 financial crisis and proved himself a righteous believer in neoliberal policies."


Tanker crisis in the persian gulf: things are happening behind the scenes

The situation in the Gulf is escalating. In the dispute with the U.S., Iran is now talking about signing a key document soon.

The Iranian flag in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Photo: reuters

Officially, both the U.S. and Iran have been pretending to be uncompromising for months. U.S. President Donald Trump, who last year unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 Vienna nuclear agreement, imposes new sanctions on Iran almost on a weekly basis. Tehran has responded by reneging on some of its obligations under the agreement. Trump must do an about-face and return to the agreement, Tehran says.