Sweden, stockholm: fria tidningen

Fria Tidningen focuses on issues such as environmental issues, equality, democracy, freedom and animal rights. It has been available throughout Sweden since 2008.

Editorial team. Image: Fria Tidningen

For its birthday, the cooperative is supporting four international newspaper projects. 73,928 euros were raised by readers, comrades and friends. Fria Tidningen is one of these projects. Updated article on the Fria Tidningen project from April 2018 by our foreign correspondent Reinhard Wolf


Premiere of the new ice 4: with high expectations

The new ICE is expected to attract millions more passengers to rail. It doesn’t score with more speed – but perhaps with comfort.

The new ICE, now with larger windows Photo: reuters

A colorful light show with a kind of electric marching music accompanies the ICE 4 at its premiere in Berlin’s main station. 300 railroad workers who worked on it disembark. Such a fuss has probably never been made over a train in Germany. "The ICE 4 is our flagship and at the same time the backbone of rail transport," says Deutsche Bahn CEO Rudiger Grube.


Power shopping at lafayette: chinese are being deported

The luxury department store chain Lafayette is opening its own branch for Chinese. But Louis Vuitton, purveyor of the sacred handbag, isn’t going along with it.

A real must-have Photo: imago/Eastnews

Quickly another bottle of bubbly, a pair of sunglasses and a perfume, the cosmetic bags in travel size are ready to be grabbed. The pragmatism of a duty-free store that business people and last-minute souvenir shoppers could only wish for. But a glance across the rows of shelves shows: In this duty free environment, only Chinese people look over the product selection and salespeople advise them in the local language. Even the signs are in Chinese. We are not in the Far East, nor at the airport, but in the middle of the Boulevard Hausmann shopping street in Paris, in an offshoot of the Lafayette department store chain. Worldwide, the brand’s luxury image precedes it.


New escape routes from africa: once around the world

The way to Europe is blocked. The new escape route runs across Mexico’s border to the USA. A huge business for smugglers.

Refugees from Cameroon wait for their hearing in front of an office of the US Asylum Service Photo: afp

There are about 15,000 kilometers as the crow flies between Uganda and the southern border of the United States – and yet it has recently become a popular escape route.