Commentary us climate policy: climate change is abolished

"Weather extreme" replaces "climate change" – because there is no such thing, according to Trump. US scientists have leaked a report in response. Good thing.

Will soon no longer exist. But the Twitterer in the White House apparently doesn’t care Photo: dpa

Donald Trump thinks climate change is an invention of the Chinese. His coal, oil and environmental policies are a throwback to the Stone Age. And he blithely continues: a few days ago, the US officially submitted its withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

All references to climate change have disappeared from the websites of the White House, the Department of the Interior, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. And climate research is "junk science," says Sam Clovis, the man the U.S. president installed at the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Now it has become known that employees of the Ministry of Agriculture are to avoid the term "climate change" in the future and replace it with "weather extremes". Also "reduction of greenhouse gases" and "CO2 storage" are on the index. Then, of course, it will be difficult with scientific publications on the subject – and that’s exactly what Trump wants.

A 550-page report involving 13 different U.S. agencies concludes – like thousands of studies before it – that the change in the world’s climate is largely caused by humans. Another not entirely new finding: extreme weather phenomena are favored by climate change.

However, the report still has to be approved by the White House before it can be published. This seems unlikely in the current atmosphere, so the report was leaked anonymously to the New York Times and published online.

The active censorship of research by a man whose restrictive, anti-science and anti-objectivity policies are taking on ever more bizarre forms not only poses a major threat to the fight against climate change. A corrective – even on the part of our own federal authorities – that leaks such expert opinions is therefore not only important, but essential.

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